Network Consulting

Astral will be providing high reliable connectivity solutions both Local Area Network and Wide Area Network by conducting a detailed feasibility study at all the locations of clients and select suitable service providers to implement the proposed LAN and WAN Solution. The Scope ranges from


  • Protection against unauthorized disclosure of classified information, loss of data integrity, and will ensure the availability of the data in the system.
  • Unique threats are identified and documented
  • Detailed Examination of Hardware and Software
  • Conducting a Study on Existing LAN/WAN Setup
  • Solution Design of Proposed LAN Architecture
  • Drafting and Circulating RFP to implement the LAN Solution
  • Selection of Vendors and System Integrators
  • Monitoring the project execution and completion
  • LAN Cabling System Requirements
  • Rack and Power Arrangements Requirements
  • Active Components Requirements
  • Fiber Component Requirements Etc.,
  • Based on the outcome of the study, a robust and secured LAN/WAN Architecture will be designed to meet the above requirements. This solution will be arrived for each location. A detailed Bill of Material along with Technical Specs for the components will be provided. A Request for Proposal for implementing the proposed solution will be drafted and circulated to major identified vendors and system integrators with approval.
  • Most suitable vendors and system integrators will be selected to implement the same.

Astral will monitor the project execution such that it meets the best practices and standards


It is a security review program from Astral tailored to assess the information security and its supporting processes, systems, networks, etc. The review generally covers the following:

  • Operating System Security
  • Database Security
  • Network Security
  • Application general controls and
  • Other Administrative controls

The information system security review outlines key steps for augmenting the security awareness efforts carried within the enterprise. It ensures the positioning of key system security controls and monitors adherence to security standards. It also validates the adequacy of application controls supporting key business processes.

Astral's assurance service offers foolproof programs to ensure information security. They act with complete awareness over various security threats that range from minor to colossal and are likely to effect in a loss of information.

  • Reviews the reliability and integrity of management, financial and operating information
  • Ensures compliance with policies, regulations, procedures and laws.
  • Checks the means to safeguarding the assets of the system
  • Appraises the efficiency with which the resources are employed
  • Tracks the accomplishment of set goals.
  • Determines whether the results are consistent with established objectives and goals.
  • Ensures an organization's information Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability.