Internal Audit Services


Astral Consulting Ltd., is a leading provider of Internal Audit services with more than two decades years of specialization in Risk based Internal Audit products including process based internal audits and IT audits

We have been offering tailored solutions to meet the distinct needs of our clients through our well documented audit methodology which are in line with the international best practices.

Astral has been supporting Boards and Managements of many esteemed organizations in addressing their essential business concerns by helping the internal audit functions increase the stakeholder satisfaction.


Key challenges are

  • Concentration of market focus
  • Levels of management, wide spans of control
  • Complex transaction systems
  • Reducing cost of compliance
  • How to evaluate effectiveness
  • Span of Control
  • Segregation of Duties
  • Information Technology - Automated Controls
  • Minimal Documentation
  • Risk Assessment

We adopt the COSO small business internal control guidance, endorsed by the Institute of Internal Auditors Inc, to supplement our leading edge audit tools and techniques, for documenting and assessing the internal control environment within our small business clients segment. The COSO small business framework addresses the control issues commonly experienced in smaller companies such as adequacy of formalized documentation, audit trails, segregation of duties, management override and the increased role and importance of effective monitoring.

The evaluation of internal control requires an assessment of 5 internal control components:

  • Control Environment
  • Risk Assessment
  • Control activities
  • Information and Communication
  • Monitoring

Each component is assessed on specified attributes. Our well-balanced approach helps our clients to develop and introduce effective internal controls which help them mitigate enterprise risks effectively, maximize opportunities and meet business and organizational objectives.

Our well balanced approach will help you achieve your organizational and business objectives, minimize threats and maximize opportunities.

World-class audit process: Backed by the strength of world-class audit processes we have been enabling our clients across industry domains realize risk management benefits, from assessment to transformation.

Internal controls providing bridge to success

"Reduce exposures to risks threatening business objectives"

Our internal audit approach enables management and the board of directors to make smarter decisions regarding the types of controls necessary and the level of controls necessary to achieve the organizations objectives.

We consider our client's organization complexity, as well as the complexity of transactions, dispersion of operations, and sophistication of computer applications in determining our audit approach. Our COSO based approach guidance, once applied, will enable an organization to determine the important controls, assess those controls efficiently, and make a assessment as to their design and operating effectiveness. By designing and monitoring only those key controls that are right - sized for small business firms, management will be able to avoid unnecessary or duplicate controls and testing.

Apart from internal controls, we will be addressing the important processes mentioned below to ensure significant improvement in the business processes efficiency:

  • Business Continuity
  • Succession Planning
  • Spreadsheets usage ( control over key formulas/macros is required to mitigate spreadsheet risks which can affect the integrity of financial reporting)
  • Expenditure control
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Compliance
  • Data integrity & MIS Reports
  • High level IT security and internal controls in software used by the client
  • Risk based internal audits, IT Audits, IT Security Audits
  • Well defined processes and Risk categories
  • 14 Processes 72 Sub processes 750+ Controls
  • Developed Database of over 1500 risks and controls for process and 2500 + risks and controls for information system security
  • Well documented test plans to test the controls 8 Risk categories and 23 Risk criterion
  • Balanced Score Card for Internal Audits with 33 performance measures