Management Advisory Services

The management advisory services from Astral provides the opportunity to partner with management to identify solutions for management issues as they arise with our gamut of services under Assurance and Consulting to ensure consideration of related internal control issues in the business processes and incorporating industries best practices respectively

In any business (New or Established) the first thing we think about is the risks that hinder the achievement to the business objectives. The best way to mitigate those risks is to bring in apt controls. How we identify the risks, manage these risks by implementing internal controls & streamlining the process is what we do in Risk Consulting.

Once we have identified our risks & controls and streamlined the business processes we need to know during a span of time whether the systems are actually helping us in managing the business risks properly on continuous monitoring is what we do in Process Based Internal Auditing (Assurance)

As we develop our business we would want to follow the best practices followed in the industry and also we would like to know how to increase the performance of the organization by having structured performance review mechanism. This is what we do in Strategic Consulting.